• HMO Amenity standards
  • “Article 4” planning direction
  • Planning & Licensing
  • How to build an optimal HMO Property Investment plan
  • Finding the best area to investment HMO Property
  • HMO Tenancy agreements (AST’s)
  • HMO investment vs. Single Buy to Let


  • Access to our team of experts - HMO Property investments – Property refurbishment – HMO Property set up - Managing a HMO property
  • Free hints and tips
  • Webinars throughout the year
    • HMO Taxation
    • Property investment trends
    • What makes a great HMO
    • HMO Tenants
  • Share knowledge – Share experiences – Share Deals
  • Talk to other HMO investors and HMO Landlords


  • Talk to other Landlords & Investors
  • Problem solve as a group
  • Share knowledge / Experience / Deals


  • Our courses run throughout the year – Richard and his team teach a guide of how to find, build and develop the optimal HMO property investments or portfolios.
  • Courses include: -
    • HMO Refurbishment
    • 3-Day HMO Boot camp
    • HMO Management training
    • HMO Taxation
    • HMO Property sourcing
    • Many courses are a blend of classroom and on site training


  • Limited places each year to work with Richard Leonard - HMO Expert
    • 2 days with Richard in Stevenage building a strategy and plan
    • 1 day on site with Mentee
    • Monthly hour-long Skype call to check progress toward success
    • Access to support and guidance from Richard throughout the yearlong mentorship
    • 10% Discount on training courses
    • Free use of tools and systems
  • Guarantee success policy

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