Our Team

Richard Leonard

HMO Expert

20 years of developing property, letting property and managing tenants. Over 10 years’ experience developing HMO Properties. Practical, Hardworking, Richard always has a solution. Father to 6 children. Loves teaching and watching people succeed.

Luke Hills

Project Management

HMO Property refurbishment expert. Detailed, Hardworking, knows all the tricks to help create a successful HMO Property.

Kathrine Leonard

Training and Mentoring Co-ordinator

Professional trainer, 4 years’ experience of property management. HMO Management & Tenant specialist. Fun to be around and a real people person, a natural trainer.

Scott Maslin


3 years property management experience specialising in HMO’s. Enthusiastic, fun, full of energy and loves a challenge. Enjoys explaining HMO property investing.

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